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Across Australia a wide range of very large Data Centres have had their roofs coated with SkyCool, including 2 of the 4 major Australian banks. In each case several factors were taken as major considerations in the clients evaluation of the ‘SkyCool Solution’ as compared to maintaining the status quo.

  1. With the decrease in HVAC needed, what would be the likely increase in computer equipment that could be installed and thus increase profitability?

  2. What is the likely extension to the life of the roof as it currently stands?

  3. What is the likely load reduction on the HVAC saving costs and increasing longevity?

  4. What effect will it have on the personnel working on the top floor of the building?

All the answers had to be on the positive side with proof that other like clients had experienced positive outcomes.


Occasionally, the relevant HVAC piping was coated to help reduce the heat loading on the units and stop additional solar influence.

When air is drawn from outside the building the air-intake manifolds are coated to precool the air entering the HVAC unit.

Note that the data cabling trays have been coated on several to reduce their internal heat.


We are currently expanding these benefits to all State Capital cities across Australia.

The pictures below show some of their roofs being coated. (Identity withheld for security reasons)

All roofs receive a double coating to ensure a cover of sufficient depth that will seal and reflect to the highest international industry standard.

Data Centers Roof Coating

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