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Internationally recognised as a substantial airport energy saving methodology, the SkyCool white roof solution has been provided to 3 Australian International airports. Trials are currently running overseas on several new sites with a view to doubling the SkyCool presence every 18 months.

Airports Roof Coating

Melbourne International Airport

Over a 3 year period, 47,000 sq metres of roof at Melbourne International Airport was coated with SkyCool.


It is estimated by Airport management that the equivalent of 40,000 tonnes of green houses gasses are saved each year.

Project was completed in 3 stages with each new stage dependent upon success of previous stage.

Airport management advised the following results on public television program:


  • 16 auxiliary air conditioning units no longer required.

  • The major chilled water system energy has been reduced by 30-40% depending upon weather – the hotter the weather, the greater the saving.

  • Customer concerns from a new 1st class international lounge ceased after the SkyCool coating was applied, where previously even a second  large additional air conditioning unit was not able to cope.

Perth International Airport

Perth Airport coated with SkyCool heat reflective coating.

Over the past seven years, the number of passengers travelling through Perth Airport has doubled, with 11.5 million passengers recorded in the last financial year, making Perth Airport the fastest growing capital city airport in Australia.

To support this growth and the future demand for air services, $750 million is being invested to ensure Perth Airport delivers a great airport experience.

Perth Airport is the gateway to Western Australia and one of the State’s most important elements of public infrastructure.

SkyCool was used extensively on Perth International Airport to provide greater comfort and reduce operating costs.

Darwin International Airport

Air conditioning energy consumption at Darwin International Airport’s administration building has been significantly reduced through the application of SkyCool.

 Darwin Airport painted with SkyCool heat reflective coating
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