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DHL Warehouse keeps cool and saves energy by having its roof coated with SkyCool.
N.S.W. Government - Office of Environment & Heritage
Awards ESC's to Major DHL Project
The solar reflective coating applied to the warehouse roof reduced the energy use by over 25%, saving more than $40,000 a year.



Extensive third party field trials have measured energy savings averaging around 40-50% for large commercial properties.  


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SkyCool's range and diversity of cool roof clients is testament to the effectiveness of any business wishing to cut its cost of rising energy charges and at the same time give comfort to its employees and protection to it products.

As documented in independent studies, clubs have been shown to make substantial savings in energy cost as well as in the deferment of replacing previously leaky roofs. Many clubs across NSW have benefitted in more than just 'reflective white roof technology' as SkyCool offers a patented scientific solution that no one else in Australia can provide.

Internationally recognised as a substantial airport energy saving methodology, the SkyCool white roof solution has been provided to 3 Australian International airports. Trials are currently running overseas on several new sites with a view to doubling the SkyCool presence every 12 months.

SkyCool has been used in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary educational facilities like Berkeley Vale Public School, Donvale Christian College and Monash University. 

From Perth to Dubbo to Cairns a range of non-air conditioned warehouses and factories are benefiting from substantial cooling.  Simply by applying SkyCool they have made the interior cooler than fully shaded outside air.

With every investment it is important to know with confidence when and what results can be reasonably expected.

Supermarkets can directly measure the benefits of SkyCool through energy savings.

Where space and energy usage are at a premium, SkyCool has been used to reduce the air conditioning usage on the national data centres of two of the four major Australian banks. 

Several other large facilities providers have followed their lead, and now SkyCool is the leader in providing cool rooves for data centres.

Many manufacturing industries such as car parts; off-set printing; specialist oils; infrastructure maintenance, solar panel specialists and others have benefited from coating their buildings.

The top floor of the Head Office of the CFMEU in Swanston Street, Melbourne was unbearably hot during the summer and a solution was required, quickly.

A well known construction engineering company was called in to oversee a solution. Based upon their experience with a large international client who needed to cool their data centres and offices had used 'the SkyCool solution' the previous year, SkyCool was chosen to assist this influential and prestigious client.

The high value they place on all their suppliers and customers is reflected in their investment in state-of-the-art plant, equipment and systems that facilitates their value adding to the beef, lamb, sheep and goat meats processed by Radfords.

The company has been advised by their energy auditors that substantial savings could be made by applying SkyCool to the roof of each of their chillers.

The energy audit showed a 42% increase in energy usage in this area during the hotter summer months attributable to the solar loading on the chiller facility.

SkyCool examined the roof and estimated that the auditors calculated payback period of approx. 1.1 years was quite achievable. The roof was then coated



SkyCool brings patented technology enabling large reductions in air conditioning operating costs. Better than all forms of insulation, it is a roof coating which interacts with the sky to actually draw heat out of the building rendering its interior cooler than ambient air - even under extreme summertime heat loads.

View what Mirvac's Facilities Manager actually said. (pdf)

What the Government is saying. . .

Dept. of Industry

Front of Dubbo RSL Report.JPG

Dept. of Environment

With a membership of some 18,000 people and an employment pool of 186 employees, the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club and its ancillary businesses provide valuable services and support to the local community and its many community groups.


One of the largest clubs of its type, west of the Blue Mountains, the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club spans more than 4,800 sq. metres of roof space. The project involved the installation of a specialised thermal roof coating, SkyCool. The aim of the coasting is to assist the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club to reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing operating costs; and green house emissions.

Based on a comparison between the months of November 2013 and November 2014, it was identified that the application of the Skycool coating to the roof of RSL has contributed to a reduction in energy consumption by the Club, which also resulted in a saving of the $8,668.34 between the comparison months. It is anticipated that the project will have a payback of 1 year and 5 months; with savings from the project going back to the community that the Dubbo RSL serves.


Dept. of Industry, Innovation & Science

What Businesses are saying. . .

Creating a More Sustainable Earth


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Motor Industry Research Facility

Data Centre

Shoping Centre Complex

International Airport


Kim Pilosio, GoGreen Lead

APAC, DHL Supply Chain




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