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Radfords - VIC

The high value they place on all their suppliers and customers is reflected in their investment in state-of-the-art plant, equipment and systems that facilitates their value adding to the beef, lamb, sheep and goat meats processed by Radfords

A fully integrated Abattoir, state-of-the-art Boning Room, refrigeration, load-out and logistics are complimented by their closed loop recovery and recycling protocols. Planned expansion into strategic export markets, continues their investment in recent years of over $9 million in new and enhanced facilities, leveraging their Certified Organic and Meat Standards Australia (MSA) status and along with the numerous industry appointments held by the M.D. Robert Radford, clearly establishing Radfords as a centre of excellence in red meat processing; the numerous accolades awarded Radfords across all key aspects of our business attest to their commitment to the Leading Victorian in Meat Processing.

The company has been advised by their energy auditors that substantial savings could be made by applying SkyCool to the roof of each of their chillers.

The energy audit showed a 42% increase in energy usage in this area during the hotter summer months attributable to the solar loading on the chiller facility.

SkyCool examined the roof and estimated that the auditors calculated payback period of approx. 1.1 years was quite achievable. The roof was then coated.

Bindaree Beef - NSW

For more than 60 years, Bindaree Beef has been committed to providing their customers with a superior beef product.  Bindaree Beef grew from a family farm into one of Australia’s largest meat processors and a prominent leader in the Australian meat industry. Bindaree Beef continues to be a family owned and operated business today; a business built on a reputation for product quality and business integrity.

Bindaree Beef is one of Australia's largest meat processors and a prominent leader in the Australian meat industry. It is a family owned and operated processing plant at Inverell in northern NSW capable of processing 1,300 cattle per day and employs over 600 people from the surrounding region.

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