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Shopping Centres and other mechanically cooled buildings can directly measure the benefits of SkyCool through energy savings. However, non-air conditioned shopping complexes, warehouses and factories can have equally important need for keeping their environment cool and comfortable for staff, customers and products.

SkyCool has been applied to a very wide range of shopping centres right across Australia and enjoys an enviable reputation of being the best cooling solution for over 20 years.

Mirvac - St. Mary's Village, Sydney  N.S.W.

Mirvac's 17,000 square metre St Mary's Shopping Centre invested in SkyCool to help reduce the cooling demand for the air conditioning plant. Results were so effective (at one time retaining overnight frost on the upper roof till late morning)


Their investment was so worthwhile that they have continued to deploy SkyCool on more of their retail properties in NSW as well as Queensland.

Direct Factory Outlets - Moorabbin, VIC

Direct Factory Outlet centre at Moorabbin, Victoria was looking for a solution to cooling the inside environment for customer comfort. While the most recently constructed sections of the building contain air conditioning, the original 13,000 square metres laboured under a non-insulated roof, with a small number of evaporative cooling towers. This large area of the building was experiencing difficulties with over heating during the warmer months.
It was recognised by the centre’s consulting engineers that the majority of the heat was entering through the roof from the solar load. A normal galvanised metal roof will often attain temperatures approximately twice that of the ambient shade temperature – on a 30°C day, the roof can be as much as 60°C transforming it into a large overhead radiator.
As part of their pre-application research into SkyCool, the Queensland University of Technology was asked to model the effect of SkyCool on their building. The graph below was produced by the University takes into account Melbourne weather variations hour-by-hour throughout the year. It shows the effect of SkyCool on the temperature of the air immediately below the uninsulated roof. At the peak of summer, SkyCool has the ability of bringing an overall sub-roof temperature of 65°C down to about 25°C. The occupied level of the building would experience a resultant temperature move from the mid to high thirties to the mid twenties.

Charter Hall - Sth Headland, W.A.

South Hedland is located only about 100 km from Marble Bar which is famous for being one of the hottest places on earth. In the very hot summer of 2008-09 one of the two air conditioning chillers in the shopping mall had collapsed leaving the remaining chiller to pick up the load as well as supply the K-Mart store. Needless to say is was significantly over-taxed.

SkyCool was applied to the common and small tenancy roof areas in early January 2009 where uncoated roof temperatures were reaching 87c - even melting the soles of the shoes worn by the applicators. Comparing that temperature of the uncoated roof section on 9 Jan 2009 at 11am with the coated roof, the difference was amazing. Uncoated roof = 87c whereas the coated roof still retained overnight dew.

The difference was so powerful that the centre did not have to replace any air conditioning plant until the second chiller finally wore out some 9 months later.


SkyCool brings patented technology enabling large reductions in air conditioning operating costs. Better than all forms of insulation, it is a roof coating which interacts with the sky to actually draw heat out of the building rendering its interior cooler than ambient air - even under extreme summertime heat loads.

Here is what Mirvac's Facilities Manager actually said.

What the Government is saying. . .

Dept. of Industry

Front of Dubbo RSL Report.JPG

Dept. of Environment

With a membership of some 18,000 people and an employment pool of 186 employees, the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club and its ancillary businesses provide valuable services and support to the local community and its many community groups.


One of the largest clubs of its type, west of the Blue Mountains, the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club spans more than 4,800 sq. metres of roof space. The project involved the installation of a specialised thermal roof coating, SkyCool. The aim of the coasting is to assist the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club to reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing operating costs; and green house emissions.

Based on a comparison between the months of November 2013 and November 2014, it was identified that the application of the Skycool coating to the roof of RSL has contributed to a reduction in energy consumption by the Club, which also resulted in a saving of the $8,668.34 between the comparison months. It is anticipated that the project will have a payback of 1 year and 5 months; with savings from the project going back to the community that the Dubbo RSL serves.


Dept. of Industry, Innovation & Science

Extensive third party field trials have measured energy savings averaging around 40-50% for large commercial properties.  

What Businesses are saying. . .

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